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Author Guidelines
Review Process
Online Submission Guide

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What is the policy on authorship?

A student must be first author. Authors should have participated sufficiently in the submitted work to take public responsibility for its content. Editors may require the justification of the assignment of authorship.

Can I submit an article being reviewed elsewhere?

No, manuscripts submitted to the MJM must contain original work that is not under review or published elsewhere. If other sources would like to reprint your article they will need to submit an MJM permission request form.

How should I format my references?

References should be in Vancouver style.
If authors do not adhere to these instructions, the paper will be returned for proper formatting.

What else is required of me as an author?

The peer-review process can take up to 4 months in duration. If the submission is accepted after review authors will be expected to return edited proofs within 3 weeks.

Where do I submit my article?

The MJM uses an online submission software called Open Journal System (OJS) to organize the submission and review process, To start a submission, first make sure you have read the Author Guidelines, if you are sure your submission meets our criteria go to the ‘Submissions’ Tab in the top menu bar, select ‘Submit‘ and it will take you to our online submission platform.

  1. Register as a user
  2. Select ‘Author’ as your role
  3. Click ‘Start a new Submission’
  4. Fill out the necessary information required to submit your work
  5. You can go back to this page to check the status of your submission at any time