Review process

The McGill Journal of Medicine uses Open Journal Systems (OJS) software to carry out our review process online. McGill Journal of Medicine review process


  1. Authors submit work to the MJM online
  2. (2 weeks) The submission queue is managed by the Co-Editors-in-Chief and the Managing Editors who assess if the article fits the scope of the journal and is written proficiently in English a. if yes, it is assigned to an Associate Editor b. if no, the author is notified directly


  1. (3-6 weeks) If the article requires peer-review the Associate Editor contacts Peer-Reviewers
  2. (3 weeks) 2-3 Peer-Reviewers provide feedback on the work


  1. (3 weeks) After peer-review feedback is collected, articles undergo an Editorial Team discussion a. If the article passes peer-review it moves on to editing by the Associate Editor assigned to the submission and 2 additional Associate Editors, each in turn b. If the article is rejected authors are notified directly
  2. The Associate Editor compiles peer-review feedback and editorial feedback a. This feedback summary is approved by a Managing Editor b. Following approval, the Associate Editor sends the compiled feedback to the Author
  3. (3 weeks) Authors send the manuscript with revisions back either a. With changes b. Without changes, addressing why changes were not incorporated
  4. (2 weeks) The Associate Editor confirms the edits have been made and a Layout Editor formats the submission so it is publication-ready The Managing Editors and Co-Editors-in-Chief confirm the manuscript is ready for online publication The Associate Editor sends a final version of the manuscript to the Author for approval prior to publication