About MJM

The McGill Journal of Medicine (MJM), is an international, peer-reviewed publication run entirely by the medical and science students of McGill University. Re-launched in 1994 and again this past year in 2015, MJM’s mandate is to provide students with the opportunity to publish on all aspects of medicine and to open up dialogue on a variety of medical issues including education, practice and research.

The nature of the administration of the MJM makes it particularly sympathetic to contributions from students who are just beginning their careers in the medical and scientific fields. As such, this journal hopes to encourage students to continue their research by providing them with an editorial staff eager to consider their submissions and an opportunity to experience the peer-review process. Many students publish their first articles with the MJM and readily recognize that this journal served as a launch pad for their future contributions to scientific literature.

The unique flavour of this journal has gained the attention of many authorities, including NEJM, JAMA and Annals RCPSC, who recognize the value of a journal created by students for students. Going forward, the MJM will continue to strive to remain a relevant and reputable student medical journal. A major goal of this year’s re-launch is to help the MJM evolve with the changing needs of readers and authors by expanding our desktop and mobile presence and publishing online, as well as in print. We aim to be easily accessible electronically and publish articles that are of sound scientific quality and appealing to our readers.

Our editorial team welcomes any comments on how we can improve your experience as a reader or author and are looking forward to reviewing your submissions!